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Musical Musings Competition

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Hi just to remind you all to read your Musical Musings newsletter. We launched a new competition today in it and the prize is awesome but you have to ensure you read the musical musings to win. 

Every week, I'm going to take a photo of a piece of kit from the DMP studio, can you guess what it is?

Email me with the answer. The first person to get 10 right will win an hour one-to-one on Skype session with Rick. (My decision is final by the way!!)

As its New Year and I feel kind, so I have decided that I will post the first image on here, then you are all able to join in. But the rest of the images will only be in the Musical Musings newsletter. So if you have not subscribed for it and you want to take part you need to sign up. 

Good luck everyone. 

Cheers Alexandra


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