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  1. Forum Up Date

    This was my reaction to this announcement. At first I was quite sad to see that this forum will be closing, but I also understand your point of view considering that the traffic on it is pretty low. Anyway I'm not on FB, but I did open an Instagram account so that I can follow up on the latest news there and if I ever find my self using FB I'll make sure to support you guys there. In any case this is probably my last message so I wish everyone all the best and thx for all the help.
  2. Forum Up Date

    When exactly will the forum close?
  3. Analytical Production Skills Part !

    I'm quite excited to watch this.
  4. fucksamplecds

    I just wish to say thank you.
  5. Happy new year everyone

    It's going to be a new year soon at my place so I decided I'll wish everyone a happy new year now because I probably won't have the time to do it afterwards and tomorrow my hangover will probably be too big to sit in font of my pc or my phone. I guess this comes with aging So I wish everyone the most successful, happiest and healthiest year of them all P.S I'm a bit intoxicated so please forgive my inability to type
  6. fucksamplecds

    Thx. I'll take a look considering they offer a 30 day trial.
  7. fucksamplecds

    Which alternative would you recommend that also works on windows?
  8. Uplifting trance tutorial

    I'm not producing Trance and I've still done the tutorial. You'll get quite an insight on how this genre is produced and Rick's mathematical approach makes it a bit easier then I first thought. I've picked a few skills especially in terms of layering sounds to make them wider or otherwise fuller. I highly recommend.
  9. Minimal Techno

    I always am Thx
  10. Minimal Techno

    I love everything techno related, can't wait to watch it. Out of curiosity how long till the part 2 is finished?
  11. Christmas Wishlist

    Hmmm, I think you're right. Butterfly effect and all. I might end up in a future where there's not DMP and I'd still be learning how to layer drums and create basic songs. The horror. Guess my Christmas wish came true
  12. Christmas Wishlist

    To my youth. I'd make some different decisions based on my understanding of the world today.
  13. Christmas Wishlist

    A time machine.
  14. Seeking Advice

    Hey Tobi, Thx for taking the time and listening to the track, I appreciate it. Now that you've mentioned it I completely agree. The Bass has more of an impact If I filter the kick in. I'm confused about the snare part since I didn't put any in. I did had a snare/clap layer ready to be used but I simply didn't feel it would feet anywhere in. The kick is also not under any reverb apart from the general reverb I used to put all the instruments inside the same room. The kick it self does contain a longer release so it has quite a lot of sub bass. Maybe this is what you've heard? Yea I've noticed that the kick gets masked when I when I listened to this track in my car and I think I fixed it by increasing the frequency of the kick at around 3k. Still need to test this though. I did add one instrument that slowly fades in and out and the voice FX is used, but I reckon it's not enough to sustain the interest? I could change the rythm a bit. Maybe increase the drive trough some already present instruments or replace the shaker instrument with another. In any case this is a good point to keep for my future projects. In what way? Do you mean it's unbalanced tonally between the instruments or volume balance ( mixing ). If it's the latter I will confess that this is the area I'm currently struggling with. Like Ricks says Mixing is an art and requires time and dedication to improve. Again, thx for taking the time to respond. Cheers
  15. Seeking Advice

    Hi, So I've been producing for a good year now, maybe a bit more. For the past few months now I've noticed that my skills are improving and I've become very consistent. I'm not where I wan't to be, but I'm slowly reaching my goal. Anyway to stop boring you with silly words lets talk some music. For the past two weeks I was making this melodic techno style of a track. It's not intended to be sent to a label or anything, but I would like to receive some criticism so that I'd have a better perspective on areas I need to improve for my future projects. For instance, how do you guys think the track is mixed and how would you mix it differently? Does the arrangement keep you interested throughout, apart from the long intro? Do you feel the song has a good stereo image and 3D depth? Any other weak areas you guys can point out? As you can see I'm mainly looking for an advice from a pair of more experienced ears then mine. Also considering I'm producing with the Sennheiser HD 598 and sonarworks reference I'd be quite interested to know how the track sounds in a room with proper acoustic treatment and monitor speakers. Regards