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  1. About Plugin folder on mac

    I think I will leave them where they are Thanks for answer.
  2. Daw > internet

    Thanks for your feedback. They say security and focus on music, so about same I guess.
  3. Daw > internet

    Some of my friends would never ever connect their computer where they have their daw to internet. Is it being unnecessarily careful or is it a good idea? What your thoughts? And why?
  4. About Plugin folder on mac

    All plugins for me = in components folder. Can I safely remove all other plugins in "VST3, VST, Remoteinput, MAS, HAL"? And why are they there? I will never install Cubase, Pro Tools or Ableton
  5. DMP app

    Ok! Got it!
  6. DMP app

    Any news about the app?
  7. A Cristmas bargain

    Yes, but I think there is a limit how many corrections you can do, have to be more accurate the first time
  8. A Cristmas bargain

    What really annoys me is when I spell a word wrong and can't make it correct
  9. A Cristmas bargain

    Today I got a good offer from a local music store in Gothenburg and in my opinion a very good one, such good so I had to ask them if this plugin bundle is avaliable for customers outside Sweden and technically it was if credit cards are used. They use Payex and they have not tested customers outside Sweden yet but they don't think it would be a problem, perhaps worth trying. This is only avaliable december 23rd. Waves Gold Bundle - AudioTrack - C1 Compressor - C4 Multiband Compressor - DeEsser - Doppler - Doubler - Eddie Kramer Drum Channel - Electric Grand 80 Piano - eMo F2 Filter - eMo Generator - eMo Q4 Equalizer - Enigma - GTR3 Amps - Amp 2Cab (Mono Only). - GTR3 Stomps - GTR3 ToolRack - GTR3 Tuner - H-Comp Hybrid Compressor - H-Delay Hybrid Delay - IR-L Convolution Reverb - IR-L Full and Efficient (Stereo Only) - L1 Ultramaximizer - MaxxBass - MetaFlanger - MondoMod - MV2 - PAZ Analyzer - PAZ Position and Analyzer (Stereo Only) - PS22 Stereo Maker - Q10 Equalizer - Renaissance Axx - Renaissance Compressor - Renaissance Equalizer - Renaissance Reverb - S1 Stereo Imager - SuperTap - TrueVerb - UltraPitch - V-Comp - V-EQ3 - V-EQ4 - Vitamin Sonic Enhancer - Waves Tune LT + Waves SSL 4000 Collection!!! €175 (1799 swedish crowns) Url: https://andreassonmusik.se
  10. Yes, I saw that as well but I have the free trial atm so it is Studio edition and €249 for me. I have to think about all this. Personally I find "old school" learning more suitable for me, even if it takes more time. There is a big risk just buying new software for me - To be honest, I dont need more software in my life, I have way to much as it is now. But TYE is not the same thing, it is more as a course and not a plugin I use when I produce music.
  11. Yes, I am a subsriber and I get DMP newsletter, must have missed that. (And thanks for the link, this is probably exactly what I need) It is an interesting thing you did there, with a test tone oscillator
  12. I agree, it is a shortcut and an expensive one, thats for sure. Personally, I like more putting time on my learning. The one thing that was kind of good with Reference was how comfortable the sound was in my DT-880, no spike frequences, just a good sound for the ear. That could of course be done with the right monitor/headphone knowledge with some patience an time effort. ”train your ears software and about 40 Euros with DMP discount” <— Have I missed something here?
  13. Studio edition take care of both monitors and headphones - Too bad I didn't do my purchase a week ago then
  14. One of the hardest thing for me is to really know how my monitors and headphones works. It is a huge difference in the listening sound between them of course, also a big difference when it comes to quality: KRK5 and DT Pro 880 headphones. Still, "if you know your listening devices", it should really don't matter. I switch between monitors and headphones depending on what the time is, after 10 pm it is headphones. I prefer using headphones for sound making and monitors for song making and mixing. The question then, I have heard alot about Sonarworks Reference and their Sound Calibration Technology software. I downloaded their headphone edition demo and I was surprised by the difference, my headphones had a more comfortable sound when the plugin was activated, less comfortable when it was off. But it was 3 different "sounds": 1 Activated 2 Deactivated 3 Plugin removed from the channelstrip Anyone here using this plugin and have something to say about it?