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  1. Forum Up Date

    We do understand that some don't want to see this forum close and we're not huge fans of social media ourselves (if you have seen our personal facebooks, they're quiet) but unfortunately it does appear to be the way forward. We would consider leaving the forum open if there were more activity to warrant the resources and time.
  2. Forum Up Date

    No you don't have to be part of a group within a group. I have just looked at the settings and you should be able to post.
  3. Forum Up Date

    We will be monitoring the social media. But it is great to have interaction on the social media. It is a great place to post a question. Great idea, I am sure as the months pass this year we will be posting more human pics!! Not sure Rick is human though!!! We have a busy year ahead with the book launch so I am sure we will post our travels.
  4. Its Friday night Lets Chill Out

    Hi yes part 1 has been released into the subscription club.
  5. Forum Up Date

    The forum will close this coming weekend.
  6. Forum Up Date

    Good evening members. As you are aware DMP has gone through some extensive and positive changes in the last 12 months, resulting in more regular content being produced and released. With the sub club approaching its first 6 months of steady growth and development, we are preparing for the next stage of development. When DMP started 15 years ago there were limited methods for interaction and forums were one of only a few methods of social interaction. However, the continued growth of social media has resulted in a decentralisation of content. On Facebook, our community has grown to over 9k strong and continues to grow while forums take a second position to the immediacy of social media. To that effect, we have taken the decision to close the DMP forum and continue to work through the more direct interaction with you all via facebook, instagram and our support emails. We believe this will free up more of our time to concentrate on our future development and plans, and and we hope you will join us as we grow. And of course, we will continue the weekly musical musings, and we will keep Facebook and Instagram up to date with latest news and releases from DMP. Thank you for your support. Cheers Rick, Alex and the DMP team.
  7. Hi just to remind you all to read your Musical Musings newsletter. We launched a new competition today in it and the prize is awesome but you have to ensure you read the musical musings to win. Every week, I'm going to take a photo of a piece of kit from the DMP studio, can you guess what it is? Email me with the answer. The first person to get 10 right will win an hour one-to-one on Skype session with Rick. (My decision is final by the way!!) As its New Year and I feel kind, so I have decided that I will post the first image on here, then you are all able to join in. But the rest of the images will only be in the Musical Musings newsletter. So if you have not subscribed for it and you want to take part you need to sign up. Good luck everyone. Cheers Alexandra .
  8. Sound Design Workshop 2019

    This Workshop has now sold out but if you would like to attend this later in the year register now. Just email us at contact@dancemusicproduction.com Due to demand we are having to compile a waiting list. So don't miss out.
  9. DMP app

    At present we are looking at the app and how we will develop it in line with the new website.
  10. Join Rick in the latest course on Analytical Production Skills. These skills are vital if you are serious about a career in Music production.
  11. fucksamplecds

    Hi why do you feel I would attack your work? I ask out of interest. I am not a person that attacks peoples work. I am interested in how other people work and also their work ethics. I think we can all learn from each other and we should respect each others points of view. Peace also.
  12. fucksamplecds

    Do you have any links we could listen to?
  13. fucksamplecds

    Is music production your main source of income?
  14. fucksamplecds

    @CiprianIS I think one of the first things I learnt from Rick @Snoman in this business is that if someone can't put forward their argument without being offensive or condescending then it isn't worth formulating a reply. So I'll leave this here.
  15. Dance Music Academy Foundation Course

    We’ll be sending an email out soon to all DMA applicants with start dates and all other relevant information.