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  1. Daw > internet

    It really comes down to what kind of protection one's computer has from malware and viruses....and what one's internet browsing habits tend to be. If one is only using the internet to purchase and upgrade software legally from legitimate websites, check emails (avoiding phishing tho), uploading music to soundcloud or sending demos to label, using this website, social media. The likelihood of their PC becoming affected is fairly minimal. Now....on the other hand..... if one has one hell of a porn addiction and clicks every link that google videos has a result for, and same thing with pirating every last piece of software that can fit on their hard drives, from every hosting torrent sites with text in Russian, Chinese, middle-eastern languages. If they're on a PC, they will need one hell of a defense grid and a high degree of luck in order to keep their computer operational. -- And while I neither use and would discourage using pirated software; my understanding is that some of the DAWs and plugins might try to connect to the internet either for updates, validate the serial number, etc... Okay, if one has legitimately purchased all of their software; they obviously have nothing to worry about. But I can imagine those using cracks might choose to keep their DAW and internet separate for those exact reasons. Me, I've used MacBook Pros and a Mac Pro 5.1 since 2011. I have the internet on both. To this day, I haven't gotten any malware or viruses. Maybe its how I have my systems set up, but none of the apps or plugins or the OS do any 'automatic update' tasks. -- So I haven't had any problems with it. And having the internet on both computers, I can work on music using both, and easily upload music or download upgrades as I need to. There is the whole 'productivity' thing...and its too each their own, but I tried having the internet offline while working on music....and it doesn't work for me. Problem is, sometimes I need to freeze 30+ channels of several minute long midi and audio channels. Even with a topped out Mac Pro 5.1 with a 12-core 3.46ghz, it can still take several minutes. Same with bouncing or rendering audio. And until said tasks complete, there's nothing else I can do with the DAW. -- And while its much less of a problem than it was in 2014-2016; my mac still gets the occasional minute (or longer) beachball. Since time flies while using the internet....it makes the wait time shorter. Then there's the listening breaks of course. -- But for all I know, some computer musicians might be using the best/perfect computer that renders audio 100x times faster and never hangs, so keeping the internet off helps their productivity. All depends
  2. Christmas Wishlist

    Also, (after watching Blade Runner 2049 for the 20-something's time), if I could design a female replicant gifted and knowledgeable at music production, or an AI hologram like JOI, as the perfect studio partner. -- That'd be my only thing. If not that, a check for $600,000,000 with a note "Merry Xmas. Spend it wisely! :)" would work too.
  3. Christmas Wishlist

    Mmmm interesting, but if you did things differently then so would everyone else and then today would not be how it is today, so those decisions would be based on a false future. If that makes any sense!!! Makes sense in terms of the time-travel movie premise that the past cannot be changed directly. Say if a time machine is built for the purpose of going back and changing a specific event. If the trip succeeds, the purpose for building the time machine is negated. Or if the time-machine already exists, the purpose of using it for changing a specific event is negated. Thus no trip is made to change that event. -- Or the grandfather paradox where someone can't change the past in anyway that would prevent their birth. -- I rather like the Bruce Willis 12 monkeys movie for this reason, everything that happens in the movie 'already happened'. This would be the case if everyone else was also given the same foreknowledge of the events of the original unaffected timeline; and then it would depend on their intentions, in terms of would they make different choices given the foreknowledge. -- There's a lot of things that I would change due to the decisions being uninformed or misinformed.... but there are a number of things I would not change, even if I had a full understanding of the events to come. The only other case of others doing things differently, is like the above example of our actions directly/indirectly affecting others in a way that they react differently. This is an ambiguous one. Whether our different words and actions would have caused anyone to think, behave, or choose differently. -- Not to be dark, but I've lost a few friends and recently a brother-in-law to suicide. I'm a suicide survivor. I didn't know this brother-in-law very well other than he had very similar reasons. I'm here not because someone talked me out of the attempt, or I reconsidered, but because the attempt failed and I was hospitalized. -- Anyway, each and every one of the people that took their own life, even the ones I wasn't that close to, I would go back and do anything to try to help them just for the sake of those who were close to them. But the questions are: would it have made any difference, would it have been futile/ inconsequential, or would it have merely delayed the inevitable? -- There have been times I tried to help someone with straight-forward advice and/or validation, only for my time to have been wasted and everything disregarded. There was another time that I became aware that someone was suicidal (with the means and intent), and tried to discreetly alert proper authorities. Only for them to drop the ball by sending uniformed cops in marked vehicles, he saw them coming, gunshot was heard seconds before they kicked the door open. There's even been stories of people who were 'saved' by being detained then hospitalized involuntarily, and while in medical care they feigned cooperation with doctors and social workers, told them what they needed to hear to be discharged and trusted with minimal supervision, just for them to end their life at first opportunity. I'm going to stop here as it's a bit unpleasant. But it all goes back to what difference our words and actions would make to the original outcome, and whether the new outcome remains favorable, even if it is initially? In the 1995 movie Twelve Monkeys, about a virus that wipes out the worlds population, it's repeatedly stated by Bruce Willis's character that nothing can prevent the outbreak, because the past can't be changed. There are two things interesting about this notion and the story that took multiple viewings over the last 23 years to realize. -- One is that the time-travelers that end up by mistake in various points in history, try to warn the people of those times about the outbreak, and disbelieved for being insane. Yet, the statements were documented, only to be later compiled by the Madeline Stowe's character and presented at an apocalyptic visions seminar in the year 1996. The seminar audience laughs at the irony of the statements predicting the virus release in 1996 (it was already December and nothing like that occurred), though the true irony is that the lab assistant who releases the virus was in attendance and showing an interest rather than laughing. It's left up to speculation, but the argument can be made that the time-travelers warnings might have inspired the person responsible to carry it out as it was foretold. -- And Two. Bruce Willis' character explains the past can't be changed and the purpose of the time-travel was never to prevent the outbreak but locate the virus so a cure can be developed in the present. The scientists who tell Bruce Willis this (whom are in control the time-machine as well) are part of an authoritarian government that comes to power in the years after the viral outbreak. If the outbreak was prevented, their 'status quo' would change. Time-travelers are also not permitted to stay in the past. Anyway, it raises the question of whether the past can't be changed, only because the scientists don't want it to be. -- Terrific movie. Might be confusing for first time viewers. I know this is all off-topic, But yeah I wish I could do things differently as well. I wouldn't change anything that would prevent me from getting into music...but I might seek to prevent the things delaying my progress.
  4. I have the entire thing. I first bought the Speaker/Room when it was still version 3, then the Systemwide a month later (so I could use it outside of any DAW). Earlier this year bought a custom calibrated pair of Sennheiser HD600s from them. Meaning that they did whatever testing they do with the headphones and created a custom profile. -- I went with this option after asking them how much difference a custom profile is from the 'average'. They way they explained it, (I'd have to look up their DM to quote verbatim) but they said: "Using an Average profile with a supported pair of headphones will get you "in the ballpark". Where as a custom profile will get the sound dead on, provided the headphones remain undamaged. Then explained how every pair of the same make/model headphones will all slightly differ in terms of...(whatever technical/wiring shit they said) but it sounded plausible enough to sell to a cynical bastardro like me that asks all the tough questions before spending anything. Overall satisfaction level? For me personally, the only regret I have is not investing in it much sooner, like when it first became available. -- The before and after difference was such a night and day one, that spent the next week replacing all of the tracks I uploaded to soundcloud, by reopening the archived projects and redoing the whole mix. There were a few tracks that the best I could do was remaster them, as the projects somehow wouldn't open. That being said, I'm not going to delude myself or anyone else into believing that Sonarworks makes these sound exactly like the best reference headphones money can by, nor makes my makeshift bedroom studio sound like Rick's studio, or anything that could be called a professional listening environment. -- But....my mixes and results do sound a hell of a lot better, because I can hear much more of what I should be hearing, and far less of what I shouldn't be. It's like making any informed decisions in life based on the advice of a source that we put our trust in. The more factual the information is, the more likely we are to make a decision that achieves the expected favorable outcome. Bad speakers, bad room, bad headphones = bad information.... which leads in some cases to an over-reliance on meters and metering plugins. Lastly, there's this which I mostly agree with: Tweakem is absolutely correct, the parts in bold font I can only repeat them verbatim. Where I would respectfully differ is to suggest making both investments. Train your ears, while hearing what you should be hearing...or at least as close to that as you can afford to get to. Main reason I bought the Systemwide plugin is so I could have it on while watching any of Rick's tutorials, or listening to example audio referenced from the DMM, along with of course evaluating any peer's tracks or while shopping for music on beatport or whatever. Anyhow, all in all, There's a lot of shit I paid money for in terms of software and some controllers, that I wish I could get a full refund for. As well as to say my disability income is below the poverty level, where I'm from. I couldn't get the Sonarworks bundle as a whole, and had to buy all versions separately. -- I'd be one of the first to say don't waste your money as they certainly aren't paying me to put in a good word. But in my experience, the only thing I would have done differently is buying this as early as...whenever it came out, after buying my first DAW. Hope this helps.
  5. What tutorials would you like Rick to produce?

    "How to deal with idiots." Basically.... as many situations within the realm of music production, business, etc this subject could apply to. Ones that haven't made a name for themselves, ones that have and are well connected. Ones that are clients, managers, promoters, local artists, headliners. -- This is a joke post but, somehow I can see a 2-3 DVD based on the last 30 years of dealing with various personality types, personality disorders, divas, charlatans, the uneducated, and my personal favorite, the delusional. -- On a serious note..anything about people skills, professionalism, assertiveness. I tend to lose my cool with idiots, due to my military background, so how to deal with them in a win/win way that doesn't kill careers or having them talk shit all over social media. Actually...nevermind. Unless anyone else seconds this. I'd buy just to hear Rick speak his mind.
  6. Trying to understand....so are they duplicates of each other? I wouldn't mind having two of each to keep from unplugging them from one computer to use in the other. Its the latter. I have a Plugable 7 port hub, that seems to be more reliable than the others, but every now and then I'll get an error message and have to plug the dongle direct into the computer ports....its never failed when plugged into the computer, but I'd rather use the hub. I could be wrong, but I always thought that the licenses were registered to one's user account at iLok.com which is accessed by the iLok License Manager app. When I upgraded from a 2009 MacBook Pro to a 2015; all I had to do was de-activate the licenses on the previous computer, and activate on the new one. -- At any rate, all of the other iLok licenses (Soundtoys, etc) that can be stored on the computer are also all stored on the physical iLok. So Keilwerth licenses can be saved to the computer also? Or are they like SSL and Duende that exclusively uses the eLicenser. I don't have any plugins that use the eLicenser to know which other companies/plugins also use the eLicenser. I appreciate the responses, sorry for so many quotes, just making sure I'm not misunderstanding anything.
  7. I'm at wits end with these dongles. I shouldn't have to always have them plugged in just to use an SSL buss compressor or a Lexicon Reverb, or any of the keilworth VPS plugins. I tried external USB hubs in order to only use one of the computer's USB ports. Sometimes the computer can read them, sometimes the computer can only read 1 of the 2, and sometimes it can't read either (even though its reading everything else on the same hub. Which then forces me to plug the dongle into the computer just so I can open the project. But yeah, something that you can plug into a wall socket on the other side of the room, that has 2-3 USB ports specifically for the license dongles, that any bluetooth enabled computer within range can reliably read. That's be great. But what I can't understand is why it hasn't been built (or why it can't be). But what I don't understand either, is why Duende SSL and Lexicon can't do what Soundtoys (and others) did by allowing the licenses to also be stored in 2-3 computers. That would solve that easily. Same with keilwerth and the eLicenser. Also, to this day, the option for iLok Cloud has been greyed out for all iLok affiliated software. Making me wonder if it will ever happen or was scrapped.
  8. Right time to mix

    This...especially this. Can't even count how many tracks this had happened to.
  9. Key of the song

    As the others have said, "Does it sound good?" really is the bottom line. While tuning percussion can make said percussion sound more musical, there are no absolute rules to how they should be tuned if it sounds perfectly fine (throughout the entire process of writing the song). These days I only worry about tuning a percussion sample if it sounds out of tune....and by that I mean if the selected kick, high hat, etc doesn't sound as musical with the rest of the track (even though the sample or synthesized drum sounds great in isolation. If you can't tell whether or not a Kick (or any percussive sample) is in key. A quick way to check is transposing the kick higher and lower by +/- 3 semitones. If doing that makes the kick sound LESS musical than at its original pitch, then it doesn't really need to be tuned. And if any one of those sounds better, its also a win. -- A kick doesn't always (IMHO) need to be tuned a perfect 5th above the root key of the bass. Especially if the kick needs to be tuned more than 2-3 semitones to get it there. The unison, perfect 4th, major 3rd, 6th sometimes also work just as well. Just as long as the interval between the kick and bass isn't a dissonant chord...(hell for all I know, some genres this might actually work too) The only other thing I need to note, is that there have been times I was trying to tune a drum sample by semitones, and nothing seemed to be working. That's when I pulled up Voxengo SPAN to investigate the key of that sample before browsing for a replacement, to see why it wasn't working. What I discovered, was that the sample was exactly 50 cents between G# and A. And after fine tuning it up 50 cents, it sounded great. This doesn't happen very often; but its happened enough to warrant mentioning that a sample might sometimes need to be fine tuned 15-50 cents to the nearest key before transposing it by semitones.
  10. Don't be in a rush to upload. I get the excitement, but I'm saying this from experience. After a while, people will start tuning out. My advice is to spend the next week watching any recommended tutorials, learn as much as you can, then come back to it with not only fresh ears but new ideas you may have learned.
  11. That really depends, if what you currently use achieves the results you want/need.... then it works. I do like the MStereoProcessor as its a mastering grade multiband processor, letting one tailor the width on 4 separate bands. And the NUGEN Visualizer2 as it has a panel that shows the correlation along the entire frequency range. Here are youtube links if you want to check them out:
  12. What tutorials would you like Rick to produce?

    I'd have to go back to the previous page to see who originally said this, but I'd like to see from them a direct source quoting Armin, as this sounds entirely unlike him. I've met him a number of times since 2004, and watched his MasterClass tutorial from beginning to end (it isn't fantastic, but it isn't bad either), nowhere in it or anywhere else I recall did he ever give such advice. He has his opinions, but he simply doesn't say things like that. Anyway, its off-topic so I'll end this bit here.
  13. Depends on the length of the delay on the inverted phase channel, 0ms will be complete cancelation; 1-30ms all depends one the waveform. Best bet is using a correlation meter while adjusting the delay length.
  14. I second this one. I also gain-stage as I go. Also helps to use the channel volume faders strictly for the mix and a gain plugin for volume automation.