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  1. Modular Elliptic Curves

    I appreciate the feedback from you both, so will take it on board when I go back to mess with it. Never knew about the mp3 condenser thing though.
  2. Reason 4

    Interesting to read this, I only got My hands on Reason 3.0 very recently as I have a few mates who swear by it though some of it is a bit daunting for Me. I've heard about the new Reason for a good few months now but haven't really read any reviews so this is a bit surprising. Can you upgrade on the cheap from 3.0 to 4.0?
  3. Modular Elliptic Curves

    Track: Modular Elliptic Curves (Right click and "Save As") Artist: Rampant Fire Genre: Progressive House (Hybrid) Bitrate: 256 kbs MP3, 128 kbs WMA Track Length: 6:20 This is just a simple Progressive track that incorporates several catchy melodies, a deep familiar and driving bassline and a hell of a lot of modular fx and distortion fx, hence the title. I would really appreciate some feedback on this as personally this is one of the best tracks I think I have made in terms of layout and My own leads. Bearing in mind I have only been doing this a short time I know the Mastering needs work. Any comments appreciated, JayS. Modular Elliptic Curves (Right click and "Save As")
  4. Acid Pro 6

    Hi, I started using ACID Pro 6 when I began this whole creation as opposed to DJ thing. I notice that not a lot of people actually use it on here, so was wondering if anyone had tried it, and what they thought of it? To Me, it seems to incorporate a lot of what many other softwares seem to use, though I do not really know the whole in's and out's as of yet. So, is it any good? I like it so far, is pretty easy layout to use, though am beginning to wonder if maybe I should be stepping up or not? I can't figure out how to use VST plug ins with this for a start lol, I have SO Many, but they don't seem to appear in the software as plug ins, I can only use them as standalone's but then I need to programme My own keyboard lines (And even then I am struggling sometimes with the MIDI aspects), I can't seem to load a sample in to modify it. What am I doing wrong there?
  5. Click Link for "First Sword" Hi all, this is My 2nd upload, didn't get much feedback from the 1st lol but thought I would try it here again anyway. Sonata asked Me to use a few of her vocals for an Uplifting Trance Track but after a 16 hour shift at work on Saturday and a few beers I decided I needed some pounding beats to clear My head. The end product (So far) is a weird end of the night feel, a dark almost drug-induced-esq Instrustrial/Minimal Techno sound with her vocals becoming the spawn of a Demon or something. As yet probably unfinished but would appreciate any thoughts of how to add to this if anyone likes the genre.
  6. Year Of The Monkey - Rampant Fire It's a new year, so feeling brave enough, if not quite yet sober enough, to post this. My original material is all a bit weird and genreless, I put this under Hard Trance mainly because of the feel at the 3:40 min breakdown, but it is really a clash of Techno, IDM/Industrial beats and Trancey Synths. I must add, I do NOT have a decent speaker system, and My CD-RW drive is knackered, so I can only go by how it sounds on the headphones, and I am aware that it sounds different on CD/speakers (I can only improve various volumes if told by others) and I am still learning about Track Mastering and EQing which I always have serious problems with. Anyway, any criticial responses are welcome to help Me improve. Happy New Year.
  7. Error Of Judgement

    Apart from what everyone else has already stated and I agree with, I think this is a nice little melody, the leadline is simple, but pretty memorable, though it gets lost in the background as the 2nd synth arp comes in. Nice breakdown at 2:40, and a really interesting change, but it almost sounds like 2 tracks in one, doesn't really feel like it belongs in THIS particular tune, though would probably sound awesome on a track of its own because, as a build up, this is the best part of the tune and a build up like that really deserves longer afterward instead of the 30 seconds you allowed (Or did that just cut off?). Liked it though.