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Privacy Policy

Dance Music Production complies with the GDPR Directive. This is an EU law that comes into effect in May and governs how we will process and store your data, and what we do with that data.

We've kept this as short and simple as possible so we don't bore you. We had to read through 29 pages of government red-tape and legalise to cut this down to what we have below. Its just 8 bullet points and not all of this applies to the forum but we included it anyway - just in case your interested. Under the GDPR you have the following rights:

The Rights to Access:

You have the right to access any data we hold about you and how this is used by us. 

We do not use any of your data stored on this forum for anything beyond enabling you to log-in. We will provide a copy of the data the forum holds on you free of charge and in electronic format if you request it. You can request this data by emailing us at contact@dancemusicproduction.com with the heading "Forum Data". We will require your forum username. 

The Right to be Forgotten

If you no longer wish to use this forum, you have the right to have your personal data deleted. Note that this only applies to the personal information we hold on you (email address, forum username, avatar and birthdate), it does not include forum posts.

The Right to Data Portability

You have a right to transfer your data from one service provider to another. And it must happen in a commonly used and machine readable format. This doesn't apply to the forum, but if we offered broadband or fiberoptic, we'd comply with it.

The Right to be informed

You must opt-in for us to gather data about you, it can no longer be implied.

This means that websites can't automatically subscribe you to a newsletter during checkout etc. You must willingly opt-in by checking a box and be properly informed of what you will receive by ticking said box. 

You will "opt-in" to our "collection of data" by agreeing to these privacy terms below. We don't generically collect data from you, the forum requires your email address and forum name. However, in order to comply with the GDPR we must record the date and time you opted-in. That is, if you agree to all this, we'll keep a record of when you clicked the agree button.

The Right to have Information Corrected

If any data we hold on you is incorrect, you can inform us and we will correct it for you.

The Right to Restrict Processing

You can request that your data is not used for processing, that your data can remain in place but not be used for anything. This forum does not use any of your data for any form of processing, marketing or otherwise. The data held is to enable you to log in and use the forum.

The Right to Object

This is your right to stop any processing of your data for marketing. We do not share your data and the only emails you receive are those you specifically request or agree to from the forum software. If you do receive an email from the forum, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link in the email.

The Right to be notified

If we suffer a data breach, we must inform you within 72 hours of becoming aware of that breach.

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