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  2. Forum Up Date

    It's a shame that this forum closes. I understand the reasons very well, but still it's a shame. For reason or another I don't like to communicate in the facebook group, even tho I am member there. Oh well, times move on...
  3. Forum Up Date

    This was my reaction to this announcement. At first I was quite sad to see that this forum will be closing, but I also understand your point of view considering that the traffic on it is pretty low. Anyway I'm not on FB, but I did open an Instagram account so that I can follow up on the latest news there and if I ever find my self using FB I'll make sure to support you guys there. In any case this is probably my last message so I wish everyone all the best and thx for all the help.
  4. Forum Up Date

    Although I don't creep about here as much as I used to it's a shame the forum is closing, but it's the way things are. I'm on a few other forums and no one posts there anymore. I'm not on Facebook unfortunately, so all the best on that platform. Still counting down the days to get that sub going :-)
  5. Forum Up Date

    Badass! thx! lol
  6. Forum Up Date

    We do understand that some don't want to see this forum close and we're not huge fans of social media ourselves (if you have seen our personal facebooks, they're quiet) but unfortunately it does appear to be the way forward. We would consider leaving the forum open if there were more activity to warrant the resources and time.
  7. Forum Up Date

    I'm also sad to see this go. I have a fb account, but i haven't made a post for a few years now, and i'm not sure that it's about to change any time soon. It's just not my thing. That said, I'll always be supportive of whatever DMP decide to do and i do understand that it makes sense from a business perspective to do the move to fb in terms of the numbers. I'm sure there will be many more people who stay in the loop with DMP via fb than they do on here. However, i'm not yet convinced that the quality of interaction will be the same on fb. Forums encourage long, deep, and thoughtful interactions. When i look at fb posts, most are short and sweet in comparison, and do not go as deep. I think partly because the text window on fb is much more narrow and smaller, so it becomes difficult to read and interpret long texts. And i'm not yet convinced it will be as easy to navigate through in terms of searching for topics. But maybe i'm not the best person to be receiving feedback from because i'm not so active on fb i'm not really a fan to begin with. Anyway, give it a trial and see, i may be completely wrong For me personally, i don't expect to be anywhere near as active on fb as i am on here, if at all. Sorry guys. For me it's the whole privacy issue with fb. On the forum, other than the information i've provided (basically just where i live), my privacy is completely maintained. On fb, any posts are linked to my picture, name and friends. And any posts i make, to my understanding, are broadcast not just to the group but also to my friends as it is a public group. The barrier between public and private space is just too thin on fb for my liking. In saying that, i continue to wish the company success and will still be following along with the tutorials. Maybe i will soften up a little and start posting eventually. But i don't think it won't happen just yet. Thanks for hosting an amazing platform over many years, and particularly for the past 7 or so years which i've been a member. I've really got a lot out of it and have really enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll catch up again soon. All the best.
  8. Forum Up Date

    Very sad to see the forum go and I don’t have a Facebook account, so I’m guessing this is the last time I’ll be seeing you fellow members.
  9. Forum Up Date

    Ah i just worked out the problem. It was a browser issue. Was using safari, then switched to firefox, and i can now see the post bar. Not the first time safari has done something weird like that...
  10. Forum Up Date

    No you don't have to be part of a group within a group. I have just looked at the settings and you should be able to post.
  11. Forum Up Date

    Do i need to be added to a group within the group to make posts and see others' posts? I don't really use facebook, so maybe i'm out of the loop with the latest updates, but i'm on the DMP fb page and all i can see are posts from DMP and comments underneath, but can't see anywhere where i can post or see others' posts... (apart from reviews in the reviews tab) https://www.facebook.com/DanceMusicProduction/
  12. Forum Up Date

    We will be monitoring the social media. But it is great to have interaction on the social media. It is a great place to post a question. Great idea, I am sure as the months pass this year we will be posting more human pics!! Not sure Rick is human though!!! We have a busy year ahead with the book launch so I am sure we will post our travels.
  13. Forum Up Date

    It'll just be closed to posting, we're planning on keeping the forum here for future reference. And if social media dies (fingers crossed), we'll re-open it again.
  14. Forum Up Date

    Here you go.
  15. Forum Up Date

    Sad, but i understand. The DMP crew should put more live studio, human, personable picts on the SM sites, besides Ad's... maybe some shots of Ricks full body tattoo's
  16. Forum Up Date

    R.I.P. The DMP forum. I hope this doesnt result in a whole lotta "How do you make this sound!?" & "Listen to my music here!" on the socials. Will all the juicy nuggets of information be preserved somewhere or will it all vanish?
  17. Bitwig 3 looks interesting

    I think bitwig is the best daw for techno and modulation madness and version 3 looks like it’s getting even more tasty, and more madness
  18. Its Friday night Lets Chill Out

    Well...... Might have a look payday. Can't beat a bit of chill out. Thanks!
  19. Its Friday night Lets Chill Out

    Hi yes part 1 has been released into the subscription club.
  20. Its Friday night Lets Chill Out

    Sorry I haven't been on here in ages. I'm very interested in the chill out tutorial. How can I view it? Is it part of the subscription already?
  21. Forum Up Date

    The forum will close this coming weekend.
  22. Forum Up Date

    When exactly will the forum close?
  23. Forum Up Date

    Good evening members. As you are aware DMP has gone through some extensive and positive changes in the last 12 months, resulting in more regular content being produced and released. With the sub club approaching its first 6 months of steady growth and development, we are preparing for the next stage of development. When DMP started 15 years ago there were limited methods for interaction and forums were one of only a few methods of social interaction. However, the continued growth of social media has resulted in a decentralisation of content. On Facebook, our community has grown to over 9k strong and continues to grow while forums take a second position to the immediacy of social media. To that effect, we have taken the decision to close the DMP forum and continue to work through the more direct interaction with you all via facebook, instagram and our support emails. We believe this will free up more of our time to concentrate on our future development and plans, and and we hope you will join us as we grow. And of course, we will continue the weekly musical musings, and we will keep Facebook and Instagram up to date with latest news and releases from DMP. Thank you for your support. Cheers Rick, Alex and the DMP team.
  24. Minimal Techno

    I think i read somewhere that the larger tutorials (e.g. minimal techno) would be released in 3 chunks over three consecutive months, does that mean we have the second set of videos coming this month?
  25. Minimal Techno

    The subscription service wasn't formed with the intention of keeping members waiting for a next part - they’re all designed as self-contained units. Minimal Techno covered how to create the groove. We will return to that subject in future (which is why the groove is part 1) but in the meantime, we’ll also discuss other subjects related to electronic music production. Imagine you’re a member and hate techno, you would be pissed off if that’s all we talked about constantly for 4 months. The purpose of the sub club is to help producers develop a universal skill set. The best way to forge a career in music is to be adept and skilled in all genres and production ethics. We aim to help with this by discussing all the facets involved in producing electronic music, from developing analytical listening skills, through to discussing music equipment as well as covering the techniques used in different genres. We won't focus on just one specific subject for months at a time.
  26. Minimal Techno

    Ahh I was unaware that partial tutorials in the sub club would later become download releases. I thought those were content exclusive to the sub club. Thanks for the info friend.
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